Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day In The Life of Billy Corgan

Everyone is hopping on the YouTube let your fans see your real life bandwagon. This week, the Smashing Pumpkins show you how Billy Corgan writes songs.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Michael Jackson Should Move To The Phillipines

Not only do they have a high population of pedophiles, if you go to prison you have to dance. At the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, one of the inmates activities is learning and performing elaborate dance numbers. This week they put on the greatest performance of Thriller that I have ever seen.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

In Studio With The Bees (U.S.)

Footage is finally surfacing of The Bees (U.S.) in the studio recording their superb album High Society. Upon first listen to the masterpiece that is High Society you would think that creating the giant layers of sound must be a pretty complex painstaking process. With this new peek into their recording they make it look effortless and even fun.

Monday, July 09, 2007

This Dinner Goes To 11

Ebay Auction: Dinner With Spinal Tap

Even though the Live Earth Concerts are over, the fun raising keeps on truckin. "In an effort to prevent the planet from “spontaneously combusting,” the cast members of the cult classic film This Is Spinal Tap, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, along with Rob Reiner, will host a PRIVATE, EXCLUSIVE MEET-AND-GREET DINNER in Los Angeles for the highest bidder and a guest. All proceeds will answer the call by benefiting the Live Earth concerts and the Alliance for Climate Protection."
My favorite part of the item description "Winner and guest are required to sign a waiver absolving all parties of liability for potential injuries, loss or harm which may be incurred. The winning bidder and guest are subject to a felony background check and will be asked to provide personal information for the background check. Anyone with a past felony conviction may not take part in the Experience. Please note that the winner and guest are expected to behave in a proper manner at all times. Violations of any laws or conduct deemed to be improper can be cause for the Experience to be terminated at any time, with no refund provided."

The Only Bonnaroo Interview You Need To See parts 2 & 3

More from Pancake Mountain at Bonnaroo!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Arizona, Dr. Dog, The Format music for the masses

It's been an exciting week for music. First off The Format are celebrating the one year anniversary of their album Dog Problems by giving the whole damn album away for free. I think it's great when artists take the high road and give music away. Free music recruits more fans and more fans means more record sales for the next album.

The band Arizona has been making the rounds this week pimping out their new EP Fameseeker and the Mono. I have been biting my nails counting down the days until I could hear this album. Their last release, Welcome Back Dear Children, was by far the best musical purchase I made in the past year. They have this ability to make albums that flow and blend song to song, yet every song is just dandy on it's own. Their songs are like roasted marshmallows. Yes marshmallows! You have this light fluffy gooey goodness that is so sweet and there is no other texture like it in the world. Arizona's music is in no way just sweet fluff. There's this brown crunchy stuff on the outside that adds a whole new flavor to the marshmallow that is Arizona, and without the brown crunchy layer around the sweet gooey center, the music would not be complete. They throw out these floor shaking riffs in the middle of songs that take you back to your first kiss or a summer picnic... and it works. Fameseeker is absolute perfection from begining to end. I've never heard another band like Arizona. I hate to throw out a Beatles comparison but I have to. Just know that it's not something I do often. If WBDC was their Abbey Road then Fameseeker and the Mono is their Let It Be. Take my word, a couple of years from now and all the cool kids will be trying to make music like Arizona. They will fail miserably but they will try. You can stream the whole Fameseeker EP for a limited time thanks to the boys over at i guess i'm floating.

Dr. Dog, a headliner at this year's Lebowski Fest in Louisville Kentucky, are also getting their music out to their fans. Every week for the next couple months they'll be releasing a new track at Weallbelong.net. Some are old, some are new, but all are previously unreleased.

Arizona - Splintering

buy music from Arizona

Dr. Dog - My Old Ways

buy music from Dr. Dog